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At EDGELIOT, our mission is to be the global leader in providing Air Quality and Carbon Emissions data. We aim to enable better measurement, modeling, and scientifically validated actions to enhance air quality, leading to improved health, lifestyle, and well-being for citizens. 

Additionally, we strive to limit climate change and mitigate its devastating impacts on food supply, drinking water, habitats, and extreme weather events.

Founded in 2021 and based in Ireland, EDGELIOT boasts highly technical expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, Edge Computing (at the sensor layer), and Artificial Intelligence. Our innovative toolsets are designed to measure the effectiveness of policies and initiatives aimed at improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Cutting-Edge Solutions​


  • Real-Time, Hyper-Local Monitoring: Our world-leading sensors provide continuous monitoring of air quality, including particulates, CO2, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide. They also measure temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, and direction. This comprehensive data allows us to pinpoint the exact location and intensity of emissions, facilitating informed policy decisions.

  • Advanced Data Analysis: By leveraging Edge Computing algorithms and transport layers like LoRa and 4G networks, we deliver real-time, accurate data on Carbon Footprints and Air Quality. Our platform ensures this data is stored securely in a scalable Microsoft Azure cloud environment, with real-time visualizations available every minute of every day.

Why Choose EDGELIOT?


  • Scientifically Validated Data: Our accurate and affordable sensors provide data that is crucial for scientifically validated actions.
  • Policy Support: We provide tools to measure and enhance the effectiveness of air quality improvement initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: From hyper-local air quality metrics to real-time carbon footprint analysis, our solutions cover all critical aspects.
  • Innovative Technology: Our expertise in IoT, Edge Computing, and AI ensures cutting-edge solutions for today’s environmental challenges.

Our Partners

Our Partners

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