Edgeliot is a climate data & monitoring technology company

Edgeliot’s Halo technology utilizes AI-edge computing at the sensor layer to record climate data at low cost

Our vision

Our vision is to deploy a global network of climate monitoring technologies that will help inform our world.

Climate Monitoring Solution

Current climate monitoring solutions are expensive and do not capture sufficient quality and quantity of data. Edgeliot has combined edge AI firmware, recent advances in hardware microprocessors, IoT connectivity, and data processing technologies to develop the most cost-effective ground climate monitoring solution available today. 

Edgeliot’s technology

Edgeliot’s technology has been designed to be deployed anywhere, even in extreme remote locations where climate monitoring is more crucial. 

Climate Change

As the climate rapidly changes, understanding and predicting these changes with more sophisticated data will be critical to the success of climate action across a variety of industries and use cases. Edgeliot will power that understanding of and for the planet.

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After completing his PhD in the mathematics of Signal Processing, Gary McDarby has spent decades founding and developing innovative technological solutions in hardware and software to complex challenges in neuroscience, edge AI, and IoT in Europe and Australia. He spent 2001 to 2005 as the lead researcher at MIT’s Media Lab Europe. He founded Edgeliot in 2021.
Dr. Gary Mc Darby
Founder and CEO

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